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Don’t Let Your New Smile Slip Away – Maintain It with an Invisible Retainer

The last thing you want to do after orthodontic treatment is waste all the time and money you put into straightening your or your child’s smile by not maintaining it. Typically, removable retainers are used to maintain your new smile, but they are easy to lose, and even easier not to wear. Letting teeth move out of position because of a lost retainer or because you didn’t wear your retainer is avoidable. Top Indiana Orthodontist at Orthodontic Affiliates wants to help you take care of your new smile with invisible retainers. This way, you will not have to deal with redoing the work you’ve already done on your smile.

What Is An Invisible Retainer?

The name says a lot about what invisible retainers are: People around you will not be able to see it. That’s because, unlike a removable retainer, this type of retainer is bonded to the backside of your teeth. This allows for easy wearing that has no effect on the appearance of your smile. The retainer keeps your teeth from shifting back to their original, unaligned positions.

Invisible Retainers vs. Removable Retainers

Indiana Orthodontist Dr. Surber and Dr. Schmidt use a bonded invisible retainers in Indiana to help you preserve the corrected position of your teeth. This is different from the standard removable retainer for a couple of reasons:

  1. They are impossible to lose. At Orthodontic Affiliates, we have heard countless stories about how a patient would have worn their retainer if they had not lost it. This is easily avoided.

    By using a bonded permanent retainer, there is literally no way for you to misplace it. You will always know where it is, and it will always be doing its job.

  2. You will wear it for the correct amount of time. The second-most-used excuse for needing additional straightening treatments is that our patients didn’t wear their retainer long enough each day for it to have the desired effect. They are embarrassed by the look of the retainer, and so they don’t wear it around people. Just to be clear, a retainer does nothing for your teeth if you don’t have it in long enough. The bonded permanent retainer takes care of that. The fact that it is bonded behind your teeth means that it will not have an effect on your smile, but will still prevent your teeth from slipping back into their old positions. Everyone is happy. Top Indiana Orthodontist Dr. Schmidt gets to make sure your teeth stay straight, and you don’t have to explain to anyone why you are wearing a retainer.

Orthodontic Affiliates is here to make sure that you have a bright, straight, and beautiful smile. Our invisible retainers in Indiana help us do that by helping you stick to the treatment plan. It is our job to keep your smile safe. Contact one of our top Indiana Orthodontist today to get more information regarding our invisible retainers in Indiana. You can also get a hold of us through our online form. A member of our staff will get in touch with you shortly.

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