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Get the Orthodontic Care You Need from Orthodontic Affiliates

Quality dental care is what you get from any treatment at Orthodontic Affiliates. Dr. Surber and Dr. Schmidt, Indiana Orthodontist will make sure that your smile is as good as it can be. Through our services on comprehensive orthodontics in Indiana, we are able to help you no matter what your issue may be.

You probably have a ton of questions regarding how Orthopedic Affiliates can help you. Here are some of the most common questions we get about our orthodontic services. If you don’t see your answers here, feel free to contact us.

What Are My Orthodontic Options?

You have access to a comprehensive line of orthodontic options from Orthodontic Affiliates. With seven locations across northern Indiana that offer our full line of orthodontic treatments, you will have fast and convenient care regardless of your issue. Our orthodontics in Indiana options include:

What is Fast Acting Adult Braces?

Fast Acting Adult Braces, or FAAB, is a new service from Orthodontic Affiliates. This treatment is for adults who have an issue with the appearance of their smiles. Maybe your front teeth are crooked. You may have a gap in your smile that you would like to take care of, or your front teeth may be a little crowded. FAAB can help give you the smile you want fast. The way FAAB works is by focusing the treatment on the teeth that are visible when you smile (the “social six”). This allows for a much shorter treatment time than what is required for traditional braces. Following treatment, we’ll bond a clear retainer to the backside of your teeth to protect your new smile.

What is Preventive Orthodontics?

This type of orthodontics prevents problems down the road. We will evaluate your or your child’s situation and determine if there is a need to pre-empt any kind of developing issue. Maybe a spacer needs to be put in to keep your teeth properly spread along your arch. You or your child may need an appliance to go through a guided eruption for a tooth that is coming in. We even offer appliances to keep children from sucking their thumbs and impacting the alignment of their teeth. Whatever the situation, our doctors will help you decide on the right course of preventive action. It is always easier, and less expensive, to keep a problem from happening than it is to fix it afterward.

What is Interceptive Orthodontics?

This is similar to the preventive treatment that we offer, but instead of keeping a problem from beginning, we arrest the problem before it gets any worse. Getting your child in for an orthodontic checkup early in the development of their teeth (around age 7) is crucial to intercepting an issue before it becomes a bigger problem. Dr. Surber and Dr. Schmidt, your Indiana Orthodontist will be able to help guide your child’s teeth into their proper positions, which may eliminate the need for braces altogether.

Do You Have to Remove Teeth for Treatment?

At Orthodontic Affiliates, we use a non-extraction technique whenever possible. A full smile always makes for a brighter smile. A tooth extraction will be performed only when absolutely necessary to accommodate the movement of other teeth. We also may remove a tooth to improve the look and profile of your smile.

What Are My Next Steps?

Your next step is to contact the office of your Indiana Orthodontist, Dr. Randy Schmidt to schedule a consultation for Orthodontics in Indiana. You can also use the online form to contact us. A member of our dedicated staff will be in touch as quickly as possible.

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