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Dental Sedation in Indiana : Orthodontics Affiliates

Repositioning your teeth does not sound like it would be enjoyable. In fact, it sounds like something you would want to avoid, and for people who were blessed with wonderful genetics, it is something that they are able to avoid. For many others, though, adjusting the position of the teeth is something that must be done.

Indiana Orthodontist Dr. Surber and Dr. Schmidt have made their career on helping their patients achieve straight teeth and bright smiles, but they also know that people may have a fear of orthodontic procedures. Whether it is because you think they are painful, make you look funny, or cause you anxiety in other ways, our doctors can help you with dental sedation in Indiana.

The Old Way of Orthodontics

One way of getting past your fear of orthodontics is to see how far the field has come. Orthodontics has been practiced in one form or another for a very long time. The oldest example of orthodontics comes out of ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians would fashion a metal band around crooked teeth. These bands would then be connected using something resembling animal parts. The pressure that this crude orthodontic device exhibited would have adjusted the position of teeth over time.

There is also evidence of orthodontic treatments in ancient Greece, dated roughly around 400 B.C. The ancient Greeks would attach a gold band to a person’s teeth to preserve their straight position. It was also advised in Rome that while a person’s teeth were coming in that they push on them throughout the day to make sure they came in straight.

What we know as orthodontia comes into being during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Physicians made leaps in the type of technology that was used to straighten teeth during this time. The devices were crude and likely horribly painful. One method described was forcibly moving the teeth into position using a pair of forceps. The teeth would then be tied to each other to prevent movement back until they had healed. Even in the last half-century, bulky and uncomfortable headgear was used to move teeth into position.

The New Way of Orthodontics

Dr. Surber and Dr. Schmidt, Indiana Orthodontist, know that this history portrays a rather bleak picture of orthodontics. This past, however, has no resemblance to what modern orthodontics from Orthodontic Affiliates look like today.

Modern orthodontic treatments are not scary anymore with dental sedation. The advancements in technology and techniques allow us to treat you in a much shorter amount of time than what was required in the past. The treatments are much less visible as well. Depending on your situation, your options may range from traditional braces with smaller brackets, clear ceramic braces, or even Invisalign.

Top Indiana Orthodontist Dr. Surber and Dr. Schmidt are committed to helping you get the straight, beautiful smile you deserve with dental sedation. You will receive the highest quality of comfortable dental care with dental sedation in Indiana at Orthodontic Affiliates. Call us today at 888-722-5033 to schedule your consultation or to know more about dental sedation in Indiana. You can also use our online form to leave us a message. A member of our staff will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

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