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What Do I Do? My Kid Needs Braces

No parent is happy when they get the news that their child needs braces. They have a deep, sinking feeling in their stomachs when they think about all of the hassles that go along with it. The endless trips to the dentist to have adjustments made, the rigorous brushing schedule, the restricted eating list, and of course the large bill are all things that make your life a little more complicated than it already is.

Death, taxes, and taking care of our kids’ teeth are all things that parents can bet on in our lifetimes. Dr. Surber and Dr. Schmidt are here to help you and your child through this potentially inconvenient but necessary time. While you may be dreading all of the added responsibility that comes with braces, we are here to help you. This is an opportunity to not only straighten your child’s smile, but also to teach them lessons regarding responsibility and stewardship that will pay off for the rest of their life. Braces have benefits that extend far beyond a better smile.

What Are Braces?

Traditional braces are metal brackets that are bonded to the front of your child’s teeth. These brackets will have a wire attached to them along with other pieces of hardware. Over time, the wire will exert force onto your child’s teeth, causing them to move into correct positioning. Over the course of multiple adjustments with Dr. Schmidt, your child’s smile will be transformed.

What Are The Benefits Of Braces for My Child?

The most recognized benefit of braces is that your child’s teeth will be in their correct positions. This improves the look of their smile and relieves bite issues such as underbite or overbite as well as crooked teeth, gapped teeth, and crowded teeth.

Another benefit that is not spoken of often is that braces are a chance to teach your child about responsibility. They will have to get into a regular brushing routine, which will improve their overall dental health. They will have to be responsible about what they eat and be able to recognize what they shouldn’t eat. Dr. Schmidt will be there to help them make the correct choices regarding their diet and their oral hygiene every time you bring them in for a checkup and adjustment. When their braces come off and they see their new smile, they’ll recognize how much their diligence has paid off.

We here at Orthodontic Affiliates know that this is a stressful time for you, but braces are a chance to teach your children valuable life lessons while at the same time improving their smiles for life. Contact us today to schedule your child’s consultation. Our online form is available as well to leave us a message. One of our staff will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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