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Pre-Orthodontic Treatment: Why ExtractionIs Sometimes Necessary

February 7, 2013

You’ve just received your dental evaluation and it says you have to get an orthodontic treatment right away. Your dentist adds that they will have to make room for your other teeth. What does he mean? To your horror, you find out they have to take out 4 of your pre-molars:two from the upper row and two from the bottom row.

Your dentist tells you doing this may help provide space for the proper alignment of your teeth. The most common cause of misalignment is overcrowding. Your growing tooth finds its own space in your mouth. Problem arises when you do not have enough space because your jaw is still underdeveloped. A tooth may become displaced as it grows out without enough space for it.

In the long run, extraction may also be good for your wisdom teeth.Wisdom teeth come out later in your adolescent years. To some they may come early while others may suffer from it in their mid-twenties. It can affect the formation of your current set as they push their way out of the gums.

So is extraction really necessary? Is it always a prerequisite to orthodontic services? Every case is different. It may depend on the size and shape of your dental arch. Your dentist has to study your case and see whether you really need to have premolars removed.

In the past, removing premolars may have been the standard. Today, it is rarely the option. Modern technology has allowed patients to choose mouth expanding equipment to provide space for realignment. You don’t have to lose some of your teeth only to get the perfect set you want.

Your dentist my offer solutions depending on the seriousness of the condition. Call us for an appointment. We will help you find the right treatment to fix your overcrowding teeth.

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