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3 Benefits of Braces Besides Straight Teeth (infographic)

The most common reason that people get braces is that they want straight teeth. But that’s just one reason to consider orthodontic treatment. In our infographic below, we are sharing three more benefits that you can receive as a result of having braces. If you are interested in straightening your teeth, visit the nearest Orthodontic Affiliates office. We have seven locations in Indiana to ...


Get Out Of Pain By Treating Your TMJ (video)

Edna was referred to Orthodontic Affiliates by her general dentist because of TMJ trouble. This was causing her headaches, causing her jaw to lock up, and causing other pain. With help from Dr. Schmidt and our team, she is making progress with our TMJ treatment. With orthodontic care, her teeth are better aligned, which also reduces teeth grinding. This is often a factor in TMJ disorders. Ar...


Get A Head Start On A Great Smile

You would like a straight smile for your child, but there may be an issue you haven’t considered. The shape of their jaw and face may change how their teeth erupt. There is a way to address this concern. It’s called dentofacial orthopedics, and it’s one of the many services we offer at Orthodontic Affiliates. This kind of treatment can actually begin before someone gets braces. It’s ...


Get Help To Treat Your TMJ Troubles (video)

TMJ disorders can disrupt your life in a number of ways. You may suffer from jaw pain, headaches or earaches, and facial soreness after eating. You also may find it difficult to open and close your mouth at times. Fortunately, you can get TMJ treatments at any of our Orthodontic Affiliates locations in Indiana. In the video below, Dr. Randy Schmidt explains why an orthodontist can help you....


Clearing The Way To Straight Teeth (infographic)

Did you know that roughly 25 percent of orthodontic patients today are adults? Thanks to innovations in orthodontic care, you have more ways than ever to fix your smile. One of those options is Invisalign®. This system was developed with adults in mind. The clear aligners are more discreet than traditional braces. That means you can feel more comfortable wearing them in personal or professiona...


Our Orthodontic Care Can Be Convenient for You (video)

We use our blog to share information about the benefits of orthodontic care and the services that we offer for our patients throughout Indiana. But our patients are the best people to explain what treatment has done for them and could do for you. Theresa was a student at Purdue University when she saw a flyer for our services. With her busy schedule, our multiple locations made it easy for h...


You’re Not Too Old to Get a Straight Smile

You’re never too old to have a great smile. You’re also never too old to benefit from orthodontic care. Today, roughly 1 in 4 orthodontic patients in the United States is an adult. Across North America, nearly 1.5 million adults seek orthodontic care annually. A big part of the reason for that is the development of new teeth straightening options in the last few decades. It’s more than...


Retainers Help You Keep Your New Smile (video)

With any orthodontic treatment, you will need to wear a retainer when you are finished with your braces or aligners. For some people, a retainer is needed temporarily to ensure your teeth remain in their new positions. Other patients may need to wear retainers while they sleep for much longer to stop their teeth from shifting back to their original spots. In the video below, our own Dr. Tom ...


Should You Consider Surgical Orthodontics? (infographic)

Braces aren’t the only way to fix the alignment of your smile. In some cases, surgical orthodontics may be your best option. We understand that may seem intimidating at first, but this treatment is often the most effective way to create your dream smile. At Orthodontic Affiliates, our doctors work directly with an oral surgeon to plan your procedure. To find out if this could work for you ...


Getting Straight Teeth Can Be Convenient for You (video)

Getting braces as an adult is a big decision. Where you go for your treatment is equally important, which is why we are sharing Tiffanie’s story with you today. Tiffanie is one of many adult patients we have treated at Orthodontic Affiliates. In the video below, she discusses how our team and our multiple locations made her treatment more convenient. If you are interested in changing your ...

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