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Act Now for a Better Smile Tomorrow (video)

Some orthodontic problems can’t be avoided. But you can get steps to intervene early to make orthodontic care more effective and efficient when children get a little older. We recommended bringing your child to visit us for an exam by their seventh birthday. We often can see the signs of future problems by this age. If we do, we can recommend steps to take sooner rather than later to make the...


This Year, Give the Gift of a Straight Smile (infographic)

A smile is a gift that keeps on giving … and it’s a gift you can give to yourself. If you don’t like your smile, it may be because of alignment issues. Overbites, gaps between teeth, and crowding are a few of the many issues we could help you correct at Orthodontic Affiliates. At all of our Indiana locations, we would be happy to help you or someone you care about create a great, strai...


Save Your Smile By Stopping Teeth Grinding (video)

In our previous post, we mentioned that clicking and popping can be a symptom of teeth grinding and TMJ. In this post, you’ll hear from Ashley, a patient who was referred to us for treatment of that very issue. Today, she is pain-free, and — we’re happy to say — she recommends Orthodontic Affiliates to her family and friends how are having TMJ disorders. If you live in Indiana, we ha...


Talk To Our Team Today About Your TMJ Troubles

There are many reasons to call our orthodontists. Certainly, we can help make your smile more attractive. Straighter teeth are good for oral health, too, since they make your teeth easier to clean. But orthodontists can also help you protect the teeth that you have. How? By helping you stop the effects of teeth grinding on one another. This may not be as well known as the other reasons for s...


Where You Go to Straighten Your Smile Does Matter (video)

Moving teeth should only be done with careful planning. It’s also something that should not be rushed. It’s also why going to a specialist, like our doctors at Orthodontic Affiliates, is the best way to make changes to straighten your smile or correct bite issues. Dr. Randy Schmidt explains how braces work in the video below. And we offer a variety of braces at each of our locations acro...


4 Bite Issues You Can Fix With Braces (infographic)

When you bite is out of alignment, it can affect your smile. It can affect your oral health, and it can affect your confidence. Regardless of which particular bite issue you may have, you can fix it at Orthodontic Affiliates. With multiple locations serving orthodontic patients in Indiana, we are happy to help you improve your smile. To get started, schedule a consultation by calling 888-722...


You Can Have a Great Experience with Your Great Smile (video)

The Neals are among the many amazing patients who have visited Orthodontic Affiliates over the years to create better, straighter smiles. As you will hear in the video below, they are more than happy with their experience and the results. If you want to have a similar experience, we welcome you to visit any of our seven Indiana locations. We’re always happy to see the difference our care can ...


Trust Your Smile to Our Orthodontists

If you or someone in your family has a crooked smile, you may be wondering if you should visit an orthodontist. Many general dentists do promote orthodontic care, but few can match the expertise and experience of our team at Orthodontic Affiliates. We have decades of service to patients throughout Indiana. Odds are, no matter what problem you have, no matter how bad you think your problems m...


Take Your First Step Toward Your Better Smile (video)

Before you begin any orthodontic treatment, you need an initial exam. At Orthodontic Affiliates, we go out of our way to make this visit as comfortable as we can for you or someone you love. In fact, we encourage parents to schedule an orthodontic exam for children around 7 years old. Often we can identify potential problems and this age. In some cases, it’s possible to intervene to make trea...


3 Benefits of Braces Besides Straight Teeth (infographic)

The most common reason that people get braces is that they want straight teeth. But that’s just one reason to consider orthodontic treatment. In our infographic below, we are sharing three more benefits that you can receive as a result of having braces. If you are interested in straightening your teeth, visit the nearest Orthodontic Affiliates office. We have seven locations in Indiana to ...

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