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5 Reasons Not to Fear the Orthodontist

August 15, 2015

A lot of our patients have come to our office with a fear of orthodontics but leave with those fears totally wiped away. Today, we want to take a couple of minutes to help you realize that you don’t have anything to fear at Orthodontic Affiliates. Our Valparaiso, Indiana orthodontists, Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Surber, have gone to many lengths to address your fears so that you can focus only on getting a beautiful smile!

I’m scared braces will hurt.

If you’re older, you might have a good reason to believe this is true. Here’s what you had to worry about in the past:


Today, thanks to technology, these types of braces live in the past! We make sure your braces are as comfortable as possible and that your entire treatment can be completed without pain. Here are a few ways we do this:


Although you will experience some pressure when you wear braces, this will be only mild and will indicate that your braces are doing their job! And if you’re really concerned about the metal in your mouth, read on to find out about Invisalign.

I won’t be able to eat what I want.

With yesteryear’s bulkier braces, this was more of a concern. Today, however, you can enjoy almost any of the foods you ate before braces! To prevent damage to your braces, though, we’ll give you a list of a few foods to avoid or how to prepare some foods to eat them.


Trust us, you’ll want to follow these guidelines because:


I’ll be embarrassed.

We already mentioned that today’s braces are less bulky and awkward than their older counterparts. Also, it’s normal for teens to wear braces nowadays, so you won’t really stand out – and you’ll be glad later when your braces come off, leaving you with a beautiful smile that won’t embarrass you anymore!

Our doctors also offer colored braces, so you can have fun and show off your braces in a way that your peers will like. If Christmas is coming up, why not get red and green? Or you can choose your favorite color, or the colors your sports team wears.

However, if you’re still concerned, then you may want to consider clear brackets. These are much less noticeable than metal brackets, so you’ll have a more discreet way to straighten teeth. Older teens and adults often choose these.

If that’s not discreet enough for you, or if you’re worried that braces will make you look immature – especially if you’re a busy professional – then consider Invisalign. These clear braces use nearly invisible aligners that fit snugly over your teeth. You can remove them when you eat or drink, or even when you have a special event to attend. Your coworkers and friends may never even notice you’re going through treatment!

I’m afraid of the cost.

If you’re worried about the cost of braces or other orthodontic care, let us help! Talk to our financial department about discounts, payment plans, and CareCredit no-interest financing. We’ll also give you a very close estimate of your costs up front.

My office visits will be uncomfortable.

Aside from the braces themselves, our doctors and staff work hard to make sure you are relaxed and comfortable in the office. We treat you with respect and kindness. We even have contests, rewards, and giveaways to keep it fun!

We hope you can see that there’s really no reason to be afraid of braces! To see for yourself, make an appointment today at one of our convenient locations. In the meantime, take a look at what our patients have said about how we’ve improved their smiles and lives!

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