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How To Bring Less Attention To Your Braces! [VIDEO]

Straighten your teeth without bringing unwanted attention to your orthodontic treatment by choosing invisible braces! At Orthodontic Affiliates, adults and teens can avoid the awkwardness of metal braces by choosing from among our options in more discreet orthodontics in our seven Indiana locations. To learn more, check out today’s video! For a consultation at one of our Indiana locatio...


Make Time to Check on Your Child’s Smile

If you are looking into orthodontic care for your son or daughter, then you also need to know about dentofacial orthopedics. That last term may be new to you, but it is an integral part of what we do at all of our Indiana locations. It’s also why an orthodontist is your best bet for creating a smile that your child will want to share for decades to come. Today, we’ll discuss what dentofa...


Fix An Open Bite To Prevent Future Dental Problems [PHOTO]

An open bite happens when your upper and lower teeth don’t completely come together when you close your mouth. While this may seem like a cosmetic problem on the surface, it could also affect your speech and the future health of your teeth. Today’s photo shows an example of an open bite before treatment and the results after we corrected it at Orthodontic Affiliates of Indiana. If yo...


Common Signs of TMJ Troubles (infographic)

Your frequent headaches can be more than an inconvenience. They can disrupt your daily life. Your jaw pain can make it hard to concentrate on work, and it might stop you from eating what you want to eat. These also may be signs of a bigger issue — a temporomandibular joint disorder, which you know better as a TMJ disorder or TMD. According to The TMJ Association, 12 percent of the populati...


Why Leticia Is Glad She Came To Us For Braces! [VIDEO]

Adults, especially professionals, have just as much reason as anyone to seek orthodontic treatment! You want to feel confident, look business associates in the eye, and flash a great smile. Our team at Orthodontic Affiliates helps adults just like you get the smile they want every single day across our seven Indiana locations. Today, we’re sharing a video message from one of them. Me...


A ‘Clear’ Alternative to Traditional Braces

A crooked smile can make you feel shy. Crowded teeth can cause you to hide your smile in pictures and in person. An overbite can make you feel self-conscious, and some people feel the same way about gaps in their smiles. Braces are a great way to fix all of those issues, but we’ve also learned that some people are not interested in any treatment that involves brackets and wires. This is commo...


Correct Overcrowding For Better Oral Health [PHOTO]

Overcrowded teeth are hard to keep clean. That’s why orthodontics can benefit you in ways that go far beyond cosmetics! Today, our team at Orthodontic Affiliates in northern Indiana wants to show you a before and after look at the kind of work we do everyday. By correcting your overcrowded teeth, you’re not only going to look and feel great, but you’ll be on the road to better oral ...


The Benefits Of Dentofacial Orthopedics [BLOG]

For many people, braces aren’t quite enough to get the improved smile they want. That’s due to issues with how the jaw lines up, something that can’t always be corrected with standard orthodontic treatment used to straighten teeth. That’s where we can use dentofacial orthopedics at Orthodontic Affiliates! Read today’s blog and learn some of the advantages of this face-centered a...


Want To Finally Straighten Your Teeth With Adult Orthodontics? [QUIZ]

It’s not too late to get the straight-toothed smile you want  – to book a consultation for adult orthodontics, contact Orthodontic Affiliates today. To make getting to appointments a little bit simpler for you, we have seven dental offices in northern Indiana. If you’d like a little more help gauging whether you should get an orthodontic treatment from us, take our simple quiz below. ...


Be Sure To Brush & Floss Everyday Even While Using Orthodontics [VIDEO]

Maintaining optimum oral hygiene habits can be a little more difficult when using an orthodontics treatment like traditional braces, but if you reach out to Orthodontic Affiliates, we can help you. Regardless of which of our seven northwestern Indiana dentist offices you visit, you’ll receive patient-centered care from our friendly and knowledgeable team. We’ll give you guidance in brush...

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